Residential Mortgages

 I will pay attention to the details while working to match your mortgage to your individual needs. I will discuss the amount you can comfortably pay each month for your home. To make proper use of your buying power, I will shop your application around for the best overall product for you. When you are ready to get approved for a home mortgage loan, you can count on Ray Russo for personalized service in the New Tecumseth, ON.  Get Pre-Approved!




 Whether you’re looking to renovate your home in New Tecumseth or finance a large purchase for your children, a refinance may be a smart solution. You may be able to use the equity you’ve built in your property to secure financing at a favourable rate. I will determine the amount you need and work to balance your payments so they’re within your budget. Book your 15-Minute appointment Today!


Living paycheck to paycheck?

You’re not alone.  Canadians are carrying heavier loads of personal debt than ever before. For some of us, the cost of servicing those debts is in itself an obstacle to correcting the problem. Each month can be a chase to make the interest payments to keep the debt afloat.  Sometimes, it may help to consolidate debt into your mortgage. Find out if its the right move for you, book an appointment today!

The Mortgage Process

The mortgage process can seem huge and overwhelming. It can be an emotional process because a mortgage is a loan you are taking to buy a home for yourself and your family which makes it infinitely more than just a loan. Or it may represent the loan you are taking to refinance your home to invest in business dreams or to clean up some debts that have thrown you sideways.  If you are nervous about the whole process and whether you will even be approved, then find out! Book your 15-minute appointment today! 


Next Steps…

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